August 21, 2019

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Understanding Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawsuits represent some of the most commonplace types of cases filed in United States courts each and every year. These lawsuits range from slip and fall to automobile accident cases. No matter the specific type of personal injury lawsuit being pursued, there are different types of compensation for losses, damages and injuries to which a person oftentimes is entitled.

Medical Bills and Expenses

In the aftermath of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, a person typically undergoes what can amount to significant medical treatment. This can include everything from emergency room care to long-term rehabilitation and a host of other procedures and therapies in between.

An injured person typically is entitled to compensation for medical bills accumulated along the way. This can include both compensation for existing medical expenses and medical bills likely to be incurred in the future.

Wages and Income

Following many a car accident a person is not able to return to work. Lost wages and income can result in a huge financial hardship for an injured individual and his or her family. 

Compensation can include lost income. As is the case with medical bills, this can include currently accumulated lost income but also wages reasonably expected to be lost in the future. 

Pain and Suffering

Although not easy to quantify, an injured person is entitled to compensation for pain and suffering endured following an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Typically, an expert is required to assist in putting a dollar value on the pain and suffering afflicting an injured individual. Current and future pain and suffering can be compensable through a personal injury claim with an insurance company or lawsuit in court.

Punitive Damages

In some cases the conduct of the person causing an accident is so egregious that a court will order the payment of punitive damages in lawsuit. This is compensation above and beyond the basic compensable losses and is designed to take into account the particularly reckless behavior of the person who caused the accident in the first instance.

Retaining Legal Representation

The best course to take to ensure full compensation for all losses arising out of an accident is to retain an experienced personal injury attorney. The legal team at Pacific Attorney Group represents injured people in pursuing insurance claims and lawsuits in personal injury cases.

This guest blog post was submitted by Pacific Attorney Group. An initial consultation can be arranged by calling the firm at 800-357-9617. An attorney from Pacific Attorney group will schedule an appointment. During the meeting, a prospective client has the opportunity to discuss the facts and circumstances of a particular case. In addition, an attorney will map out potential strategies to maximize compensation to the injured person. There is not fee charged by the firm for an initial consultation.