August 21, 2019

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What You Need for a Successful Personal Injury Settlement

Many victims of accidents that caused by someone’s negligence that never receive compensation for their injuries. While no one can accurately predict the outcome of negotiations or a trial, there are certain factors that contribute to a successful settlement.

  1. Ability to show clear liabilityCases are easier to decide if you are able to clearly show that the other party is responsible for the accident. Being able to clearly show liability will tip the scales in your favor and make it more likely that the other party will settle much faster if they want to avoid going to trial.
  2. Documented injuriesIt is important to keep record of all medical bills, treatments, prescriptions or any other expenses and records related to your injuries. These records are not only evidence of your injuries but also of the costs related to their management or treatment. These records will go a long way in determining just how much you receive as settlement – or, if your case goes to trial – the amount awarded in a verdict. Records detailing your symptoms and the extent of your injuries can also be used to compel the other party to settle for a reasonable amount.
  3. A good face and storyWhile the outcome of negotiations and trials are based on the facts that are presented, emotions do influence the decisions made to some extent. It is for this reason that the insurance company will dig into your personal history to determine what type of person you are and the extent to which your injuries have impacted your life.It is therefore important to present yourself as an honest person and to avoid downplaying the extent of your injuries. You should present your story to decision makers showing just how much the injuries have affected your day to day life. Don’t lie. Stick to the facts, but give the judge and jury a clear picture of the negative impact the accident has had on your life.A compelling story can also encourage the defendants or their insurance company to offer you more money to settle.
  4. Being represented by a skilled and experienced attorney

    Some people avoid hiring an attorney as they feel their case is straightforward. Others think attorneys will take a big cut of their settlement. However, there is substantial evidence that injury victims receive more money when they are represented by an experienced and skilled attorney.Experienced accident and injury claims attorneys have the knowledge, resources and skills required to properly represent you in negotiations and in court. They will provide you with support and handle all the necessary paperwork. They will also ensure that everything is done in accordance to the law.

It is important that you retain an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. That will enhance your chance of a higher settlement.

In White Plains, New York, Denlea & Carton, have the experience and resources to help you get the justice you deserve if your injury was caused by the negligence of another.